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Stories of Spiritual Healing

Acupuncturist and spiritual director Kwang-hee Park shares forty-one stories of ordinary people and how Divine guidance and their own inner wisdom helped them towards healing in their lives.

Each story concludes with questions and a prayer that will take you further on your own journey towards healing. You will find wisdom within yourself. You will feel at peace, connected with God, whole and holy.


God is understood as being involved, present in every person and being, living, suffering, and rejoicing with creation, and with whom we co-create.

Read two sample stories.


Order it at your local book store and Amazon.

Published by SacraSage Press where they offer fine books around open and relational theology.

Listen to Kwang-hee sing the song mentioned in story 8 here on YouTube.



This is definitely not just another self-help book, but one that will open the door to insights and prayer.

Margot Hover, Association for Clinical Pastoral Education/Catholic Chaplains

Each morning I linger in bed, listening with an open heart as I seek instruction for the work I am called to do. This book encourages me to listen more deeply and boldly.

Jill Shook, Making Housing and Community Happen

Kwang-hee Park writes clearly and engagingly, with skilled listening and sensitivity for the Spirit’s creativity in life.”

Filled with compassionate openness, deep listening, and just the quietness of God working in ways that always suit the situation—even ‘dramatic’ things (like Jesus visiting from the chapel at night) are ‘ordinary’ in the telling. Throughout, love shines through.

Marjorie Hewitt

Suchocki, Claremont School of Theology

These stories open the heart to the possibilities of spiritual recovery and transformation.

Rev. Bert Newton, Subversive Wisdom—Sociopolitical Dimensions of John’s Gospel

The elusive term ‘spirituality’ is presented in various ways within stories which show how people were able to heal emotionally, explore the transformative power of prayer, and new ways with God or Jesus.

Michael Klessmann, School of Jewish Theology at University of Potsdam

Our Divine true self emerges from our experiences, telling our stories, and being heard. Here is a very helpful invitation to your own journey of spiritual healing.

Christopher McCauley, Stillpoint Center for Christian Spirituality,

A Monk in the Word

Rev. William Moremen, Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation

Stories of Spiritual Healing Kwang-hee Park

Kwang-hee Park is an adjunct professor, acupuncturist, and spiritual director at Spring Acupuncture & Spiritual Direction. She teaches psychology and pastoral care and counseling. A Korean native, she received a Ph.D. from Claremont School of

Theology and a doctorate in Oriental Medicine from South Baylo University. She and her husband are certified spiritual directors through Stillpoint Center for Christian Spirituality and members of the Orange Grove Friends Meeting (Quakers).

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